Former PhD students
Name Title Dissertation topic
Dr. External Knowledge Integration and the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome: An Empirical Analysis of the Reduction of Negative Attitudes Towards External Knowledge in an Organisational Context
Dr. Distributed Product Development - A Multi-Case Analysis of Task and Role Perceptions in Headquarters-Location Relationships
Dr. Challenges and strategies in the implementation of UI research collaborations. Examination of a case study
Dr. Development of a dynamic model for the system-oriented evaluation of product development with regard to dimensions, effectiveness and efficiency
Dr. Social business platforms in globally distributed product development projects - A multi-level analysis of the contribution of social business platforms to overcoming communication-related barriers to innovation in a case study
Dr. Developing innovative capacity in companies - breaking down technical language barriers in the intraorganisational transfer of knowledge between the technology and market-related areas of companies
Dr. R&D management in corporate networks - An integrated concept for optimising network performance using the example of the aerospace industry
Dr. The Influence of Micropolitics on the Product Development Portfolio of Technology-Intensive Firms - A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Dr. Patent protection in cross-company innovation cooperations - strategic function, contractual design and effects on the cooperative innovation activity of companies
Dr. Influence of "Communities of Practice" on the knowledge culture using a case study
Dr. Dynamic Relational Capabilities (DRC) for inter-organisational knowledge transfer and competitiveness in companies
Dr. Service-oriented design - repercussions of the design of service-based business models on the design of capital goods
Dr. Internationalisation of technological service innovations in the capital goods industry
Dr. Knowledge transfer of corporate culture-induced actors - A multidimensional analysis of corporate culture as an influencing factor for the successful transfer of knowledge in companies
Dr. Foresight and planning of new technology paths in companies
Dr. Development of a concept for the management of highly qualified human resources using the example of dual career couples
Dr. Information and knowledge in complex, cybernetic systems - knowledge management in the field of tension between people and information technology
Dr. Explanatory models of knowledge split and distribution in companies in the context of individual benefit maximisation - presentation based on case studies