Strategic alignment of the range of services until 2030 for a knowledge transfer company

  • Startdate:

    May 2019

  • Enddate:

    December 2019


The following questions should be answered in the course of the project:

  • Where does the company currently stand and where does it want to go by 2030?
  • How is the business environment changing and what trends does the company need to prepare for?
  • Which customer groups can and should be addressed by 2030?
  • With which services can these customer groups be addressed? What are the resulting requirements for the range of services?
  • What steps are necessary to detail the range of services in order to future-proof the business areas?


With the help of scenario-based roadmapping, the environment of the new business areas, in particular potential customers, should be described and requirements for the range of services derived. The iTM chair is responsible for the conception and moderation as well as the follow-up of the scenario and roadmapping workshops. Measures for the development of concrete services are derived from the results of the workshops.