Zukunft der Arbeit

  • Startdate:

    April 2019

  • Enddate:

    October 2019

Megatrends such as digital transformation and internationalisation are shaping the way people work in organisations: Global business activities require distributed teams to work together; digital services enable working from home and on the move; technological trends such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality open up new opportunities and, on the other hand, put entire business models to the test. But also the expectations of a new generation that wants to work mobile, flexible and at the same time with a work-life balance are challenging previous ways of working. In the wake of this, companies are looking for new space concepts that can meet these demands and enable the exchange of creative minds that drive disruptive innovation.

The project aims to take a closer look at these trends. The aim of the project is to conduct a survey of international managers regarding their expectations for the future of work. The content of the online survey is the evaluation of different technological and social trends with regard to their impact on the working world of the future.