Effectiveness and efficiency in product development "Multi Location Management"

  • Startdate:

    June 2015 

  • Enddate:

    February 2018

In this project, tools for successful project management in a multi-location context based on division of labour are to be developed. The aim is to develop an efficient methodology for task distribution and to optimise the coordination process.

Central aspects in multi-location management are the goal-oriented factual, personnel and temporal decomposition of the factual tasks as well as the subsequent coordination of the subtasks. Suitable instruments for this are to be identified and evaluated, taking into account time and content aspects. The linking of technocratic, structural, informational and personal factors is important for the development of a comprehensive model. Existing communication channels and the corporate culture must not be disregarded. Finally, the added value of the model in the application for multi-location management should be worked out.