Efficiency and effectiveness in engineering through social business

  • Startdate:

    September 2014

  • Enddate:

    March 2016

Objective :
The project "Efficiency and Effectiveness in Engineering through Social Business" aims to determine the influence of social business on efficiency and effectiveness in engineering.

The project aims to identify and operationalise relevant metrics, which will be compiled, validated and applied in a measurement concept. The survey of project characteristics is central for two reasons. On the one hand, different project types can be defined on this basis, which can be compared with regard to the effectiveness and efficiency-increasing effect of social business applications. The identification and collection of use cases, which represent the most important use cases of social business, is essential for the further procedure. In order to be able to determine efficiency and effectiveness, understood as relative advantages in terms of costs, time and quality of the respective project, key figures must also be identified for this.