Shaping change proactively in the transformation process

  • Startdate:

    November 2021

  • Enddate:

    March 2022

A company in the manufacturing industry is in the midst of a transformation process with the challenge of opening up new sales opportunities. It also needs a vision for the future of the location that is supported by the management and the workforce.

Goals of the project:

  • What does a vision look like that is supported by the employees?
  • Where can the location develop on the basis of the existing competences?
  • What are possible visions for the year 2035? What could a path to this future look like?
  • How can the commitment of the workforce to the process of corporate change be ensured?
  • How can existing and new instruments and structures be used to further advance innovative capacity?

The iTM Chair, together with the Joint Innovation Hub of Fraunhofer ISI, conducts a strategy sparring with the company's management circle and supports the development of a competence-based site vision. With the help of scenario-based road mapping, concrete short-, medium- and long-term measures are derived for the location in order to meet the challenge of dwindling sales markets. Concepts and methods for actively involving employees in the transformation process will be presented in a workshop by the iTM Chair and the Joint Innovation Hub and applied by the participants as examples.