Innovation strategies for the day after tomorrow

  • Startdate:

    November 2021

  • Enddate:

    February 2022

An incubator in the energy industry has set itself the goal of becoming a sustainability hub. The following questions need to be answered in the course of the project:

  • Is the current model of the incubator sustainable?
  • What futures are conceivable and what does this mean for the innovation strategy of the hub?
  • What developments are desirable for the hub in the medium and long term?
  • How can the relationship with the parent company be shaped?

The content is developed through workshops that build on each other. By creating a vision for the hub, guard rails and priorities for action can be defined. With the help of the scenario technique, images of the future can be developed from which specific challenges for the incubator arise, which are then concretised by the roadmapping method. The iTM chair is responsible for the conception and moderation as well as the follow-up of the individual workshops.