Strategy for Increasing Efficiency and Future Orientation in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering - 2nd Funding Phase (DFG)

  • Startdate:

    Nov. 2008

  • Enddate:

    Okt. 2009















Taking into account the knowledge gained from the previous project, the follow-up application aims to develop "Strategy for increasing efficiency and future orientation in the field of materials science and materials engineering".

The aim of the follow-up application is to promote the strategic orientation of technology transfer in the field of materials science and materials engineering and to establish a forum for different players in the field of materials science and materials engineering. In line with this objective, the aim is to provide industry with comprehensive information about the opportunities for DFG funding up to the prototype stage and to sensitize researchers to future industrial problems. Stronger networking between basic research and application-oriented research as well as industry is to be achieved and interdisciplinary cooperation between the various players and institutions is to be promoted.



The activities of the first project phase will be continued on an ongoing basis. In addition, the second project phase will focus in particular on cross-cutting issues from the materials sciences and materials engineering.
The tested holistic roadmapping approach is to be intensified and made accessible to a broader public through the development of a web portal in order to be able to map new trends in the field of materials science and materials technology directly and promptly. The Internet portal is to take on the important tasks of knowledge bundling and distribution here and enable the specialist community to transfer as much information and knowledge as possible and to communicate the concerns of the discipline to the public in an appropriate manner.





The project will be worked on in the period 11/2008 - 10/2012.