The German Innovation System Materials & Materials - Int. Comparison, Perspectives, Strategies - Subproject within the Package Proposal: "MATRIX - Materialwissenschaftlicher Technologietransfer in die industrielle Praxis" (DFG, SPP 1168)

  • Startdate:

    Jan. 2009

  • Enddate:

    Dez. 2010










The aim of the project is to design strategies for long-term methodological support of technology transfer in the field of materials & materials based on a structural analysis of the German innovation system - today and in 2025. For the development of holistic concepts of transfer support in the field of materials & materials, there is a lack of a view that encompasses the entire innovation process. The proposed research project takes this holistic view in order to create the basis for concepts for long-term strategic support of materials research in Germany. The project also serves as a framework for the other projects applied for within the framework of the research group, as it integrates and links the findings of these projects on the one hand and reflects its own results back to them on the other.



In order to adopt a holistic perspective, the innovation system approach will be further developed in the research project and applied to the field of materials. The specifics of the innovation process (e.g. funding structures, customer industries, appropriation regimes) are to be covered in order to obtain the best possible representation of the system. Based on the modified innovation system approach, the analysis of materials science & engineering in Germany and its comparison with other selected countries (e.g. USA, Japan, UK) is carried out. Based on this analysis, a comparison and evaluation of different structures takes place. By examining long-term environmental developments and changes within the system, a picture of the German innovation system in 2025 is drawn up, e.g. using scenarios.



The project will be worked on in the period 01/2009 - 12/2013.