Age-differentiated working - A business assessment and reference model for the VW plant in Kassel

  • Startdate:

    December 2006

  • Enddate:

    December 2008






















The objective of the project was to investigate the impact of workforce demographics on the economics of the company. Components of the analysis were the monetary significance of the performance development of older employees, the underlying unbalanced age distribution and how the demographic development can be efficiently and effectively shaped at the VW plant in Kassel under business management aspects.



Based on the question of what effects the demography of the workforce has on the economy of the VW plant in Kassel, a business assessment of demographic change was first carried out on the basis of the age structure and its future development using different, emerging cost drivers. The aim was to make the age-differentiated work situation measurable, assessable and controllable. Following the monetary development, the focus was on the monitorability and controllability of the underlying indicators. A system was designed that integrates these indicators into the corporate target system and locates them in the day-to-day management of the company. The strategic goal of age-differentiated work at the VW plant in Kassel was implemented on three levels (plant, management, employees) and translated into the four target clusters of the BUGA model (education, people and work culture, health, work organization & design). These included specific operational goals with measurable indicators. It could be shown that the cost drivers are reflected in the target system and thus contribute to a sustainable development for age-differentiated working at the VW plant in Kassel.
Thus, a management system of age-differentiated working, which is measurable, assessable and controllable, could be developed for the VW plant Kassel.



The project "Age-differentiated working - A business management evaluation and reference model for the VW plant in Kassel" was successfully carried out in the period from 12/2006 to 12/2008.