Roadmapping - Systematization, Modeling and Masterplan for a Modified Orientation of Futures Research

  • Startdate:

    October 2008

  • Enddate:

    August 2009








The aim of the project "Roadmapping - Systematization, Modeling and Masterplan for a Future-Oriented Direction of Future Research" is to establish systematic roadmapping for future-oriented group research at Volkswagen AG by taking into account internal and external trends and developments from both a social and economic perspective and formulating implications for Volkswagen AG in the form of a master plan. This includes the identification of actors inside and outside the company as well as the concretization of communication strategies. The central question is: What quality of information is necessary to achieve awareness for a necessary change?



The analysis phase involves identifying the relevant information and actors for systematic roadmapping in futures research. The conception phase includes modeling in the form of systematic roadmapping for future-oriented corporate research. In particular, the focus should be on the network of effects of the driving factors (e.g. climate, raw material deposits, population, technological inventions). The basis for this will be the results from the analysis phase. The processes of futurology in general and roadmapping in particular are to be concretized. On the basis of the studies identified from the meta-analysis, scenarios are modeled in terms of content and implications for corporate research are derived in that, in addition to prioritization, impact networks are also modeled.

The results of scenario modeling associated with systematic roadmapping are to be implemented using the formulated communication strategies.



The project will be worked on in the period between 10/2008 and 08/2009.