Development of a technology strategy and analysis of technology trends for a company in the aerospace industry (EADS AG)

  • Startdate:

    May 2006

  • Enddate:

    Februar 2007










The objective of the "Technology Strategy and Technology Trends" project is to develop a proposal for adapting the technology strategy of an aerospace company. In doing so, a comprehensive spectrum of methods is to be applied that goes beyond the approaches currently in use.



The elements of the procedure for developing the technology strategy include information procurement, technology assessment, deriving strategic recommendations for action and developing a strategic approach.

Information gathering is based on a broad survey of internal experts from all relevant areas (e.g. technology, program management, marketing, strategy, production, customer support). The survey is supplemented by interviews, core team discussions, conference attendance, document research and other sources of information. The insights gained serve as the basis for the technology assessment.

In addition, key technology-driving contexts are identified, the consideration of which is essential when aligning technology strategy and trends, as they have significant influences on future technology development as well. These are also incorporated into the evaluation of the technologies and thus into the derivation of options for action.

Based on the evaluation of each individual technology, five options for action are identified that show the possible strategic development of the technologies.

The overall result is visualized by means of a technology radar, which illustrates the assignment of the technologies to different strategic options for action. The definition of the technologies considered, the assessment of each technology and the resulting strategic courses of action are explained in detail in a strategy document.



The "Technology Strategy Project" was successfully implemented in the period between 05/2006 and 2/2007.