Knowledge practice 2012

  • Startdate:

    December 2011

  • Enddate:

    August 2012







The Knowledge Practice Working Group aims to facilitate the cross-company exchange of experience in the field of knowledge management and to enrich it with well-founded scientific findings.



Together with the participants, relevant topics in the field of knowledge management are identified and discussed in a kick-off session. The three topics that emerge here are "Gaining and maintaining experiential knowledge", "Social networks" and "Knowledge management systems in the post-PC era".

Each of the three topics will be addressed in a one-day workshop held at one of the participating companies. Elements of the workshops are related to the respective topic a scientific impulse lecture, a lecture on the concrete design and practical experience from one of the participating companies and a guest lecture from a company not participating in the working group. All three impulses are followed by moderated discussions.

The results of each workshop are documented and made available to the participants. In a concluding session, the results of the three workshops will be summarized and discussed.



The Knowledge Practice Working Group was successfully conducted from 12/2011 to 08/2012.