Quality assurance and certification in continuing vocational training in the context of New Public Management

  • Startdate:

    Apr. 2004

  • Enddate:

    Apr. 2006

















From a control policy perspective, the introduction of these testing procedures in accordance with SGB III § 84 and § 85 is linked to a regulatory objective of quality assurance and certification in continuing vocational education and training: It is to be ensured that state funding and state-sanctioned certificates only benefit efficient and qualitatively reliable institutions and their continuing education participants. In this way, quality assurance in education is to be achieved and, at the same time, the governance principle of de-bureaucratization, integration of different social actors in education policy structures, decentralization of decision-making processes and profile building in free competition among providers is to be realized.



In order to be able to do justice to this complex claim, in this project the project is proceeded in two steps: In the first step with own means of the University of Kassel a Workshop with approx. 25 representatives of further training carriers and certifying societies took place and accomplished a country wide written questioning, at which as far as possible all expert places as well as approx. 100 education carriers to the conditions of the formal conversion and the current usual procedures with the examination of education carriers and - offers are asked. The survey will collect data on the timing, scope, contractual conditions, resources used, etc., as well as subjective assessments of the acceptance and effectiveness of the assessment procedures. In a second step, an interdisciplinary concept for analyzing and supporting quality assurance in continuing education will be developed with selected educational institutions and expert bodies on the basis of the pilot study. In this project phase, the participating chairs will, on the one hand, use subject-specific methods to deepen their own perspectives and, on the other hand, develop pragmatic approaches to solutions in continuous feedback with the other project partners.



The project "Quality Assurance and Certification in Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Context of New Public Management" ran from 04/2005 to 04/2006.