Presentation of the future development in the surface industry "Research Agenda Surfaces" (DFO)

  • Startdate:

    Nov. 2004

  • Enddate:

    Febr. 2006








The "Surface Research Agenda" is a project of the German Surface Treatment Research Association (DFO) that aims to establish an industry-wide network of companies, research institutes and associations. Within the framework of this network, joint efforts were made to clarify future issues for the surface technology industry. The concrete result of the research agenda deals with the question of how the industry will change in ten to twenty years and which technologies can be described as future technologies.




The research agenda is organized on the basis of five main topics. All important areas of surface technology (coating materials, carriers ("substrates"), process, simulations and sustainability) are considered. The technologies studied, for example, self-cleaning paints for house walls, self-cleaning, scratch-resistant automotive paints, high-performance additives and coating materials for automating the production of composite materials (CFRP), nanoparticles, and coating and flow simulations. Overall, a wide range of research ideas have been collected and research initiatives have been launched. The focus of the activities of the Chair of Innovation and TechnologyManagement is on evaluating the sustainability of these new technologies in order to derive strategic alternatives.




The "Research Agenda Surface" was successfully implemented in the period between 11/2004 and 3/2006.