Development of a roadmap ("flight plan") for unmanned aircraft with NATO's Joint Air Power Competence Center

  • Startdate:

    Okt. 2006

  • Enddate:

    Febr. 2007








The project on the development of a roadmap ("Flight Plan") for unmanned aerial vehicles primarily aims at the integration of large information and knowledge assets.



Significantly different sources of information and knowledge about future developments in the field under consideration are available among the participating nations, but they do not have a common basis at the international level. This will be established within the framework of the project and transferred into a common roadmap representation.

Beyond the integration, an exchange platform ("living document") will be created based on the common understanding. The results of the project were an important basis for the project partner to receive the "2007 European Centre of Excellence of the Year Award in the Unmanned Aerial Systems Market".



The "Flight Plan Project" was successfully implemented in the period between 10/2006 and 2/2007.