Interlocking - knowledge generation at the VW plant in Kassel

  • Startdate:

    October 2012

  • Enddate:

    Februar 2014















The aim of the project "Gear cutting - knowledge generation at the VW plant in Kassel" is, firstly, to distribute the expert knowledge in the field of gear cutting technology that exists in isolated areas within the company. Secondly, the project aims to use the improved knowledge base to develop knowledge in areas that will be relevant in the future and thus to pursue sustainable innovation.



Together with the core experts in the field of gearing technology, the topic area and the current situation will first be defined in more detail and then two complex scenarios will be designed. Based on the different futures, detailed roadmaps are developed in a next step from which concrete measures are derived. These are clustered by the experts so that the most important topics for the future emerge. Communities of practice are then formed for three of these topics. These informal expert groups, which meet regularly, serve on the one hand to exchange knowledge and develop knowledge in the topics relevant to the future. On the other hand, concrete measures are developed here and their implementation initiated. The future-oriented development, distribution and application of knowledge is thus ensured in the long term.



The project "Verzahnung - Wissensgenerierung im VW-Werk Kassel" was successfully completed in the period from 10/2012 to 06/2013.