Teaching Module "Emerging Technologies" (VW AutoUni)

  • Startdate:

    November 2005

  • Enddate:

    December 2005
















The management of emerging technologies is becoming a crucial competitive factor for companies in an environment characterized by accelerating technological change. The fields of emerging technologies are characterized by high uncertainty about future developments and high techno-economic and socio-cultural risk. On the other hand, due to the occurrence of scientific breakthroughs and the emergence of disruptive technologies, they offer considerable economic and social potential that can be tapped by companies. Consequently, acting in emerging scientific and technological fields is fundamentally different from managing established technological fields and requires special competencies of people and organizations. The aim of the module "Emerging Technologies", developed by the Chair of Innovation and Technology Management, is to impart these competencies for the comprehensive management of emerging technologies and to build up a versatile training program by combining theory and practice via classroom and online learning. The "Emerging Technologies" module is designed to provide students with the most comprehensive understanding possible of the process of creation, development and diffusion of innovations from emerging technologies and to impart the competencies for goal-oriented management. To this end, the "Emerging Technologies" module integrates theoretical approaches to innovation research and practical examples from automotive-related technology fields in various teaching and learning concepts to enable the best possible transfer of strategic knowledge through blended learning.



November 2005 - December 2005