Overall logistic concept in the pharmaceutical industry (Ing. Erich Pfeiffer GmbH)

  • Startdate:

    May 2006

  • Enddate:

    October 2006























The objective of the "Overall Logistics Concept" project is to optimize logistics in the Pharma Division. The main object of consideration is product handling and the optimization of the overall system consisting primarily of materials, equipment and personnel in order to remain competitive in the long term. The focus is on the production and logistics system, which is to be analyzed, designed and detailed in a step-by-step plan taking into account a long-term visionary concept.



The development of a project guideline is based on the review and evaluation of preliminary work and ongoing projects. In the analysis phase, the preliminary work is reviewed and evaluated and the analysis of production and logistics is carried out. Based on the results of the analysis phase and the requirements already identified, conceptions and fields of action are derived and prioritized in the conception phase. A requirements profile is developed. Task packages are defined in the action plan. The project is carried out with the active involvement of employees across the entire value chain of the area under investigation. As part of the as-is analysis and target concept, controlling of the measures and results is used in parallel on the basis of the objectives to ensure the sustainable achievement of the project goals.



The "Total Logistics Concept in the Pharmaceutical Industry" was successfully implemented in the period between 05/2006 and 10/2006.