Knowledge practice 2010

  • Startdate:

    November 2009

  • Enddate:

    November 2010









The working group "Knowledge Practice 2010" aims to support continuity in knowledge practice. By linking the experiences from industry and science, application-oriented solutions for knowledge management in companies are developed and exchanged.



The benefit of the working group for the companies lies in the internalization and practical implementation of what is learned in each workshop. In each case, a company is to demonstrate its knowledge management activities on site and identify construction sites and lighthouses. Subsequently, possible solutions will be discussed together and best practice examples discussed. Existing solution approaches and those already developed in case studies are prepared in such a way that they serve as a basis for the working sessions. Immediate applicability of the results in practice is ensured through field reports from corporate practice and detailed suggestions for implementation from a scientific perspective.



The working group Knowledge Practice 2010 starts on November 09, 2009 and comprises a total of five sessions. The total duration is designed for twelve months.