BMAS 50+ competition - goals, measures and roadmap (Arbeitsförderung Landkreis Kassel)

  • Startdate:

    Aug. 2007

  • Enddate:

    Sept. 2007
















The goal of the project "Participation of the Kassel Region Employment Promotion in the BMAS 50+ Competition - Goals, Measures and Roadmap" is to write a joint expression of interest and subsequent application formulation for the participation of the Kassel Region Employment Promotion in the BMAS 50+ Competition.



For the expression of interest required within the framework of the BMAS 50+ competition, the objectives of the second funding stage of the competition are to be identified, a roadmap for the further procedure is to be drawn up and a report from the retrospective is to be prepared, which makes a statement as to whether the Arbeitsförderung has succeeded in integrating new partners in the sense of transferability. These requirements give rise to many necessary coordination, conversations, and brainstorming processes. Using proven creativity techniques and moderation methods, the goals of job promotion are concretized and transferred into a structured catalog of measures. The support in this project includes the methodical/didactic preparation, the documentation and professional preparation of the results as well as the formulation of the application to the BMAS.



The project "Participation of Arbeitsförderung Region Kassel in the BMAS 50+ competition - goals, measures and roadmap" was successfully implemented in the period between 08/2007 and 09/2007.