Networking stakeholders - municipalities and older workers (Arbeitsförderung Landkreis Kassel)

  • Startdate:

    Febr. 2007

  • Enddate:

    Apr. 2008









The aim of the project "Networking actors - municipalities and older workers" is to network different actors with the aim of promoting the employment of older workers. The focus is on a survey in four pilot municipalities in the district of Kassel to determine which problems exist, where support services are required and desired, in order to be able to determine the need for networking of actors - for example, to design a service offer in a target-oriented manner. Recommendations for action must be derived and a business evaluation model developed.



In the first phase, the political actors must first be brought together in a workshop to clarify the requirements and expectations. Then, the needs are to be assessed through a community-wide survey of the population. A questionnaire will be developed for this purpose, which will be scientifically evaluated in order to derive recommendations for action. The bundled measures are to be evaluated from an economic point of view so that a well-founded realization of the most success-effective activities can be carried out.



The study "Networking actors - municipalities and older workers" was successfully implemented in the period between 02/2007 and 04/2008.